I work primarily in metaethics and normative ethics (in the virtue tradition).  Other of my teaching experience and research interests lie in the history of ethics, political and legal philosophy, bioethics, Aristotle, and philosophy of religion. My recent book, God and Morality (Cambridge University Press) is now available online and for order in print here

From 2019 to 2021 I am working as a co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Krista Mehari (Psychology, University of South Alabama), Dr. Joseph Currier (Psychology, University of South Alabama), and Marie Chastang (United Methodist Inner City Mission) on an interdisciplinary project that aims to develop virtue-cultivation interventions for adolescents in an under-resourced urban context. We explore the role of transcendent goals in this process. Our grant is funded by the Character Strength Interventions in Adolescents project led by Dr. Sarah Schnitker and Dr. Benjamin Houltberg.

I am a co-organizer of the first annual Political Philosophy and Religion Workshop, which seeks to promote scholarship intersecting philosophy of religion and political science, religion, theology, and law. The workshop will take place at the University of Notre Dame on November 8-9, 2019. For more information or to register, please visit our site here.

I joined the philosophy faculty at Baylor University in fall of 2019. 


I earned my PhD in philosophy at Georgetown University, and then was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Notre Dame on the Hope and Optimism Project.  In fall 2016, I joined the faculty of philosophy at the University of South Alabama where I held a joint appointment in the College of Medicine; I developed and delivered a virtue-based Bioethics curriculum for first through third year medical students. 


I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. This (mostly) explains my love of the water, the Miami Heat, and Cuban food. I grew to love biology and so left Miami's beaches for college with aspirations to go into cancer research.


I attended Baylor University where I earned a BA in 2010 in University Scholars -- an interdisciplinary program in the honors college -- and met my now husband, also a philosopher.  I started off studying biochemistry and music composition, then tried out classics and creative writing, and finally ended up in philosophy. Those early interests have made their way back into my work in bioethics and ancient philosophy, confirming my conviction that not all who wander (academically) are lost. 


Below is a list of courses I've taught or am teaching. Click on a course title to see a copy of the syllabus or course website (for current classes).


Baylor University


Contemporary Moral Issues: Bioethics

Georgetown University

Paradoxes in Aristotle & Plato

Ethics of Aristotle & Plato

Morality and Conscience

Political and Social Thought (School of Foreign Service, discussion leader)

Philosophy of Law (discussion leader)

Intro to Philosophy (discussion leader)

Bioethics (TA)

As faculty advisor for the South Alabama Bioethics Club, I organized the last two National Bioethics Bowl competitions hosted by South Alabama.


In 2018, our team placed 5th at the National Bioethics Bowl. For more information please see our website.


Below are publications and works in progress. I'm happy to send drafts of works in progress or under review upon request.

projects in progress (titles changed if under review)




Focal Meaning & Practical Reasons (Women in Philosophy in the Chicago Area Workshop, Northwestern University, 12/1/16

How to Get Realistic About Moral Reasons without Losing Your Mind Dependence (RoME, University of Colorado--Boulder, 8/18; South Carolina Philosophical Association meeting, College of Charleston, 2/24/12)

Rethinking Moral Objectivity (Atlantic Regional Philosophical Association Meeting, 10/5/14)

Divine Friendship and Moral Motivation (Theistic Ethics Workshop, William and Mary, 10/5-7/17)

normative ethics

Developing Virtue-Promotive Interventions for Adolescents through Participatory Action Research ($189,000 grant through Character Strengths Interventions in Adolescents project, 2019-2021)


An Aristotelian Dilemma for the Mixed Trait Theory of Character (with Alina Beary) (ACPA, November 9, 2018)

Hope and Blame (with Colin Hickey)​ (Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, August 10, 2017; Moral Failure and Recovery Workshop, June 2017; The Nature and Norms of Hope Conference, Cornell University, April 2017) 

philosophy of religion

Divine Love and Omnirationality (Alabama Philosophical Society, 9/17)

Relative Identity and Being Itself (in progress)

political philosophy & applied ethics

​Combatting the Opioid Crisis: A Shared Responsibility Account (Opioids and Ethics Conference, University of South Alabama, November 2018, November 2017) 


Child Sex Trafficking: What the US Can Do About It (Human Development and Capabilities Association Meeting, Georgetown University, 9/13/15; Hope College, 9/29/15)

Solving the Priority Problem for the Capabilities Approach (Human Development and Capabilities Association meeting, Athens, GE, 9/3/14)

Epistemic Norms Constrain Practical Authority (University College Dublin, 3/2011)


ancient and medieval philosophy

Aristotle on Friendship and Loving the Good Haplos (in progress)

Aquinas on the Fittingness of the Passion (with Gideon Jeffrey) (Society for Christian Philosophy meeting, University of Niagara, 11/8/14)

Errors of Reason in De Anima iii.3 (Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy, University of British Columbia, 5/4/14)

The Grounds of Moral Obligations in Aquinas's Natural Law Ethics (Notre Dame Moral Theology Colloquium, invited 2/17/16)


public philosophy 


Dangerous Despair, Logoi (Spring 2016)

The Role of Faith in Being Reasonable, Patheos (Summer 2017)



Department of Philosophy, One Bear Place #97273, Baylor University
Waco TX 76798  |

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